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Security Without Human Intervention, Mac Crypto, 1998
Welcome to MacHack, MacHack, 1998
How to Become a Macintosh Programmer, Macworld Expo, San Francisco, 1998
About This MacHack, MacHack, 1997

Writings: MacTech Viewpoint

Viewpoint is a regular column where the editors of MacTech Magazine voice their opinions about happenings in the Macintosh industry.

WWDC, What Apple Has Been Up To
Viewpoint, July 1998

WWDC is over, and I've just spent a full week listening to the official Apple message...

WWDC is Just Around the Corner
Viewpoint, May 1998

The week beginning May 11, thousands of developers from around the world will gather in San Jose, California for Apple's annual World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC). My friends at Apple tell me that this will be a very exciting conference with much new information for developers ...

The Feel of Macworld Expo
Viewpoint, March 1998

Once again, another Macworld Expo is behind us. As with past Expos, this one had its own, unique feel...

Scripting is Part of the Interface
Viewpoint, February 1998

Why do we need scripting languages? Why do we need more than one?

A Call for a More Open Mac OS
Viewpoint, January 1998

In recent years, most Macintosh developers have looked to Apple to provide the innovation of the Macintosh platform. We had no choice...

A Sense Of Community
Viewpoint, December 1997

One thing that separates Mac developers and users from those of other platforms is our sense of community...

Why All This Crypto Stuff?
Viewpoint, November 1997

You can't have digital commerce unless you can be certain that your digital data is unadulterated...

A Bit About Boston
Viewpoint, October 1997

Just a few weeks ago, as I write this, Steve Jobs made a number of significant announcements at Macworld...

Java Still Brewing
Viewpoint, September 1997

There has been more hype surrounding Sun's Java than anything else I remember about the computer industry...

Intelligent Workspaces
Viewpoint, August 1997

Every few months I find myself in a situation where I have to move my workspace to another computer...

Reality Distortion Field... Engage
Viewpoint, July 1997

WWDC is over, and I've just spent a full week listening to the official Apple message...

Some Things Were Not Meant To Be
Viewpoint, June 1997

This past month I have grown to sympathize with many developers feeling abandoned...

Have You Put Your Development On Hold?
Viewpoint, May 1997

Do you have your development projects on hold while you wait for more information about...

Just How Easy Is It?
Viewpoint, April 1997

With all this talk of a modern OS for Macintosh, I am becoming concerned that we may be forgetting what made Macintosh so successful in the first place... it is so easy to use it is fun...

NeXT OS For Macintosh
Viewpoint, March 1997

Apple has finally set the direction for the development of a modern operating system...

The Mac Is a Game Machine
Viewpoint, February 1997

Back when the Mac was just starting out it was heavily derided as just a toy, a game machine...

To Be or Not To Be
Viewpoint, January 1997

That is the question. Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of our existing technology or adopt an entirely new technology and embrace it as our own...

The Past
Viewpoint, December 1996

By the time you read this, you probably are just about to or already have stuffed yourself with turkey...

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